Technical University of Sofia - Dirty Prototyping and Manufacturing Process Optimization

Technical University of Sofia hosted an exciting event on October 22 for students of Industrial Management and Business Administration. The event, which focused on Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, covered topics like dirty prototyping and manufacturing process optimization.

During the exercises, students learned how to develop prototypes using available materials and created an MVP to showcase the process from idea generation to technical invention implementation. The methodology emphasized teamwork, creative problem solving, process optimization, and reengineering.

Participants also had the opportunity to witness a real production process and its organization in time and space. They learned about resource planning, optimization of production, and human resource management. Eighteen students from the SU specialty, 4th year, and 48 from the IM specialty, 4th year, were part of the event.

The prototyping method demonstrated during the event used only sheets of A4 paper, paper, pens, and scissors to optimize the process. When the product was built, participants drew it and determined its cost and price.

The event provided an excellent opportunity for students to learn how to use the prototyping method to create an MVP. It emphasized learning by doing, creative problem solving, teamwork, and team building.