What did we achieve so far?


Students trained.


Academic staff trained.


Non-academic staff trained.


Demo-days organised.


Mentored startups.

Impact for students

Through Inno-EUt+, students are being trained through the Climate Entrepreneurship Training in order to gain some basic entrepreneurial skillset and get support through the process of an early stage idea development program. During this training they also learn to consider all the appropriate questions regarding the impact of their idea on the environment. They get further mentoring as to how to pitch their idea and prototype their product or service.

At the end of each academic semester, each HEI holds a local demo-day and chooses the team which pitched the best idea. We then organise the Inno-EUt+ Student Demo-Days where the best teams from our HEIs pitch together.

Until today, 2 DemoDays were organised, one in Cartagena, Spain in February 2022 and in Riga, Latvia in June 2022.


Impact among the members of Inno-EUt+ consortium 

Our academic and non-academic staff receive different kinds of training through the project:

> Climate Entrepreneurship Training – through our Train the Trainer sessions, they get the necessary training to be able to deliver the training to our students. That way each HEI has a trainers pool and is autonomous as to the delivery of the training. This training is provided by Chrysalis LEAP.

> Change Agents Training – this training module aims to create ambassadors for innovation and intrapreneurship within each HEI, as well as to train them systems thinking and how to find innovative solutions to existing problems within their organizations. This training is delivered by RTU.

> Inclusive Entrepreneurship – During this training, staff (mainly the Climate Entrepreneurship Trainers) learn how to make their Entrepreneurship modules more inclusive and have more impact also with minorities groups, also called the “Missing Entrepreneurs”. This training is provided by TUDublin.


Inno-EUt+ Startup Support Scheme 

In order to support our local innovation ecosystems, a customized mentorship program was created and delivered to a few pre-selected startups under the Inno-Eut+ Startup Support Scheme. This program supported and mentored twelve already registered green tech companies spanning from water treatment solutions to initiatives to disrupt the renewable energy sector. The mentoring support is provided by WaterAlliance in the Netherlands and Chrysalis LEAP in Cyprus.


Additionally, we can report the following achievements through the project:

Educator handbook for designing inclusive entrepreneurship courses in higher education  as well as its translation into 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, Greek, Bulgarian, Latvian, and Romanian. This handbook serves as a guide and could also be used to train university professors to create entrepreneurship courses for specific minority groups (women, young people, older people, unemployed, immigrants and people with disabilities). The handbook focuses on two primary approaches: Universal Design for Learning and guiding instructors who are eager to take part in in different types of entrepreneurial initiatives, as well as aiding specific categories of under-represented groups.